What to do when you lock your keys in the car

What to do when you lock your keys in the car

Written by Pearson INFINITI

Odds are you're going to lock your keys in your car at some point in your life, and the numbers back this up. According to the American Automobile Association reports, it gets calls for more than four million locked-out drivers every year. The culprits can be found in keyless ignition and those increasingly more sophisticated electronic anti-theft systems. You might find yourself locked out during holidays or the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but what do you do when this happens. At Pearson INFINITI, we want to help, so we have put together a few things you can do it locking yourself out of your car ever happens to you!

Dial 911

Your safety should come first, so don't hesitate to call 911 if you feel that you're in danger. In most cases, the police can come and unlock your driver's side door, but if they can't, they can call you a tow truck, which you might have to pay for, but the most important part is that you'll be safe. While calling the police is not ideal, don't feel like your wasting their time by calling them. As we stated, your safety is the top priority, and it's better to be safe than sorry!

Call roadside assistance

This is where that membership to AAA is about to pay off! They will provide you with roadside assistance that will quickly get you inside your vehicle, but it could take them some time to reach you. If you don't subscribe to AAA or another one of these organizations, don't panic! The vast majority of newer vehicles come with roadside assistance during your warranty period. The owner's manual for your car should have all the details, but it might not do you any good if it's locked in the car with your keys. If this is the case, check to see if a phone number is posted on a window decal. No luck there? You can also reach out to the dealership, who will give you the information. Then store the number in your phone or write it down. Don't have a new car or AAA? Call your insurance company and ask about adding roadside assistance to your policy. Also, there are some trucks out on the road that could offer emergency aid. Keep your eyes peeled.

Purchase a temporary key

You might be able to purchase a temporary key from the dealership you bought your car from, which will be inexpensive. This will allow you to get your permanent keys. You're going to need to have your vehicle identification number, which is located on the lower edge of the driver's side windshield, and proof that you are the owner of the vehicle. Finally, you're going to contact a friend or family member to get a ride to the dealership.

If you lose your key

If you lost the key things tend to get a little more complicated, You're going to need to call a locksmith. It might cost you $200 or more to get a replacement key. Keys for some higher trims and models can cost several hundred dollars, but you can get them right from the dealer, so it's at least convenient. They will then program the key for you. This also means that you're going to need to call a tow truck to have your vehicle hauled to the dealership, which is another reason it's a good idea to get AAA or another equivalent program.

Have an extra key handy

It's always a good idea to have an extra key on hand that you can keep in your purse, wallet, or a well-hidden spot somewhere in your vehicle. You might want to invest in a small magnetic box that can hold a key on the underside of the car. If this is not an option for you, you can always leave a spare with someone who can rescue you should you ever lock your keys in your car.

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