Safe Driving Tips for Teens

Safe Driving Tips for Teens

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We know that getting a driver's license is an exciting time in a teen's life, but things can get extremely stressful for parents. After all, the first few years that teens spend behind the wheel can be very risky. The immaturity combined with the lack of driving experience can lead to some unwanted tickets and accidents, and even the best teen drivers do not have the judgment necessary that usually comes with experience. Lack of experience can affect the recognition and response to hazardous situations, and teens can also engage in risky behavior such as eating or talking on their cellphones. We here at Pearson INFINITI want to help, which is why we have come up with some tips to help your teen stay safe when they step behind the wheel.

Pick a Safe Vehicle

Both you and your teen should select a vehicle that is easy to drive and comes with a ton of safety features that help prevent a crash or lessen the blow in the event of an accident. A good rule of thumb is to avoid picking small cars or those with high-performance engines that would encourage speed and driving recklessly. If you are in the market for some great vehicles that are perfect for your teen, head down to Pearson INFINITI and speak with our staff, and we will assist you and your teen with finding a vehicle that will help them stay safe and happy on the road.

Have Your Teen Take a Drivers Ed Course

The more driving experience your teen has, the better off they will be. Experience behind the wheel will equal more confidence, and your teen will be better apt to take on the different challenges the road can throw at them. Furthermore, a teen who has learned how to drive from a certified driver's education course will be looked on more favorably by prospective insurers and could even earn a discount.

Enroll Your Teen in a Graduated Drivers License Program

Tons of states have reduced teen accident rates with graduated driver's license programs, allowing teen drivers to develop their skills and gain more experience when behind the wheel. With these driver's license programs, new drivers are restricted when it comes to certain driving activities. These include late-night driving, having passengers in the car, or being on the road unsupervised, at least until they have has their driver's license for a set period. In states that do not have a graduated driver's license program, you can institute the same policies at home. Ensure that you are taking an active role in your teen's driving practice and teach them various driving situations to build their confidence. Over time you can introduce the different privileges gradually.

Teach Them the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Be sure to talk to your teen about the dangers of distracted driving. Distracted driving includes things like texting and phoning or paying attention to the radio while driving. They also avoid chatting with friends who are in the car as this could lead to distracted driving. Speaking of passengers in the car, your teen should always be responsible as passengers in their friend's cars. In general, new drivers should wait 1,000 miles or six months before allows other teens to ride in the car with them.

Be a Role Model

Remember that new drivers learn by example, so if you tend to drive recklessly, your teen might try to imitate you. Be sure that you are always wearing your seatbelt and never drink and get behind the wheel. Another good thing to keep in mind is that all teenagers mature differently, and not all of them are as mature as we would like them to be to handle a driver's license. Parents should always factor in if their teens are easily distracted, nervous, or risk-takers before allowing them to get a driver's license.

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