INFINITI Tire Services Richmond VA

INFINITI Tire Services Richmond VA

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When you think of the one thing that connects you to the road, you think of the tires. The tires are one of your vehicle's most critical safety and comfort features by providing traction and carrying the car's load. Simply checking your tire's air pressure and taking a look at the tread can make a huge difference in your safety and the life of your tires. When checking your tires, it's essential to check the depth of the tread and note any cracks or dry rot. At Pearson INFINITI, we employ expert technicians and mechanics with years of experience to ensure your tires are safe and ready for the road ahead. We're writing this to help you better understand your tires and how the service center at Pearson INFINITI can help you get the most out of your tires.

Tire Rotations and Balancing

The most effective way to take care of your tires and extend their life is to get regular tire rotations-the reason why is quite simple. Most of the weight of the vehicle is on the front tires due to the heavy machinery like the engine and transmission are on the front end. That pressure on the front tires can cause them to wear down faster than the rears. Switching the back tires to the front will help even out the tire wear, extending the tire's life while maintaining good tread to keep a good grip on the road. Tire weights even out the balance of your tires. Ensuring your tires are properly balanced will help prevent wobbles and vibrations, causing uneven wear across the tire surface.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure is the easiest way to ensure your tire's life and safety. Over time, overinflated tires will cause the tire tread to expand, creating uneven wear on the tire's road surface. Conversely, underinflated tires make a larger surface area that touches the pavement, causing uneven wear towards the tires' outer edges. Our technicians recommend checking tire pressure once each month to ensure that the tires are up to the correct pounds-per-square-inch. To find the correct PSI for your vehicle's tires, you'll find it on the placard on the driver's side doorjamb as well as in the owner's manual. It is also advised that you check all four tires to make sure your tires are all evenly inflated.

Wheel Alignments

Protecting the outside edges of your tires is just as important as protecting the road surface. This is because of the small outer tread lines called 'sipes' that whisk water away from the road surface, creating better grip in wet weather. Three specifications affect your wheel alignment. The first is the angle of your steering axis, called the caster. Every vehicle manufacturer has an exact degree of caster required to create even tire wear and maintain good traction. Next is the camber; this is the vertical angle of your wheels. Having negative camber causes the top of the wheels to lean in while the bottom puckers out, causing inner edge wear. Positive camber has the exact opposite effect. Lastly, the toe is the horizontal angle of your wheels. If your wheel's toe is in or out, it can create a slight dragging effect, decreasing gas mileage and causing significantly uneven wear.

Care for Your Tires at Pearson INFINITI

With extensively trained technicians, and top-of-the-line tools and equipment, our service center will ensure your tires get taken care of with your safety and the tire's lifetime in mind. Extend your tires' life and protect yourself and your passengers by bringing your vehicle to Pearson INFINITI. Our expert mechanics will make all the necessary checks and adjustments to maintain your tire's life and, if they need replacing, an expert will help you choose the best tires to fit your needs and your vehicle. We look forward to serving you!

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