INFINITI Oil Change Services

INFINITI Oil Change Services

Written by Pearson INFINITI

Making sure that you are changing your INFINITI's oil regularly is an essential vehicle maintenance step, and adequately scheduled oil changes are crucial in keeping your INFINITI running correctly. While you are getting your oil changed here at Pearson INFINITI, it's a great time to have other aspects of your vehicle looked at as well. Here at Pearson INFINITI, we believe that your oil change should be quick and easy, so we will get everything else done in a timely fashion as well, such as inspecting your hoses, belts, fluids,  air filter, and tire pressure. As for oil changes, we have compiled five reasons why getting an oil change on time is essential.

Keeps Your Engine Clean

When oil flows into the engine from a bunch of different areas, dirt and other debris can start to accumulate within it. If you are not changing your oil when you need to, sludge will begin to back up into your INFINITI's engine. If you tend to park your INFINITI in a driveway, you might have even more particles get into your engine oil. Changing your oil and replacing your oil filters here at Pearson INFINITI will get all the harmful particles of dust and dirt out of your engine before they can do any lasting damage.

Helps Your Engine Last Longer

Oil is an essential fluid that your INFINITI has as it lubricates and protects your engine and many of its parts from taking critical damage. The problem is, oil gets dirty, so you need to make sure to have your oil, and your filter changed here at Pearson INFINITI when it needs it. If you are unsure of when to have your oil and filter changed, you can either consult your INFINITI owners manual or ask our highly skilled technicians here at Pearson INFINITI. Having your oil changed keeps your engine cleaned as well as protected and can save you time, money, and stress. It will also ensure that your INFINITI will be running for many years to come.

Changing Oil Protects Engine Parts

Many people ask what oil does in your car. Inside then engine are many vital parts that make your INFINITI's engine run smoothly, such as the crankshaft and the connecting rods. The connecting rods, in particular, control the pistons inside each of your engine's cylinders. Another critical component, the camshaft, which assists with the opening and the closing of the INFINITI's exhaust valves, also uses oil to function correctly. Making sure that you have clean oil inside your INFINITI's engine is crucial in keeping these components moving well and working correctly.

Gets You Better Gas Mileage

Changing your INFINITI's oil on time will help you get better gas mileage. Your overall miles per gallon can be affected by several factors that include millage, terrain, vehicle driving habits, as well as general maintenance. When you don't change your oil on time, all of the dirt and grit will build up inside your INFINITI's engine, which can cause friction, which is not a friend to your INFINITI's engine. When your engine has a ton of friction, your overall fuel economy will go down. Making sure that your engine has clean oil will reduce the friction in your engine and help it run more efficiently, which will help your gas mileage. When you need an oil change, head down to Pearson INFINITI.

Clean Oil Helps You Pass An Emissions Test

When it comes time to pass your emissions test, it is all about how many of those harmful particles in your oil, known as hydrocarbons, are being unloaded into the air. If you fail to change your INFINITI's oil regularly, it can cause a buildup of those hydrocarbons inside the areas of your engine crankcase. These hydrocarbons get burned up, which causes more of them to be released into the atmosphere through the exhaust of the INFINITI. Not only will getting your oil changed on time help you pass your emissions test, but you also will be polluting a lot less. As always, you can get your oil changed right here at Pearson INFINITI.

Where to get your INFINITI's oil changed

Here at Pearson INFINITI, our excellent technicians will take care of all of your INFINITI's needs. Whether you need an oil change, a hose repair, or changing of liquids, be sure to visit us at the dealership. Even if you need an engine or transmission repair, we can do that for you here at Pearson INFINITI. You can make an appointment in person or right on our website. We can't wait to work on your INFINITI here at Pearson INFINITI.

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